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The Well Frequency

Wholesale Power Patch Refills

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Power Patches - bag of 10 (refills)
PowerPatch, the natural energy patch

The PowerPatch is a personal frequency boosting product. The self-adhesive patch easily sticks directly to the body wherever you need support.

The PowerPatch is a round, self-adhesive, 2.8 cm patch developed to be placed on the skin. It contains energy rich natural oils and minerals. The energy in the PowerPatch boosts the body's cells and supports the body's ability to heal and recover faster.

The PowerPatch can be reused several times without losing its ability to support the body.

Supports relief of minor aches and pains.
Boosts body's natural ability to heal wounds and injuries.
Promotes reduction of physical stress

The science is based on scientists, Bruce Lipton and Nikola Tesla's research on energy and cells, and Victor Schauberer's knowledge of structured water's ability to transfer energy. These areas of research combined with AdditWater's understanding of water's ability to carry and transmit energy form the basis of the PowerPatch concept. No harmful chemicals or stimulants are used in the unique composition, only natural oils, salts and minerals.

• Peel off the protective plastic on the back and apply the PowerPatch to clean, dry skin
• Place it directly on the skin wherever you need support.
• Take off the PowerPatch when you go in water.
• In most cases, when the PowerPatch is kept dry, it can be used approximately 8 to 10 times.

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